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Random musings on the global paradigm shift and confessions of a soccer fanatic…


I have witnessed the following…

Player 1: “What the hell man? You were supposed to cut in behind the defender!”

Player 2: “Look, put the ball to my feet more than once a game and I’ll think about running the angle.”

Player 1: “Run the angle or I’ll kick your ass…”

This conversation actually took place. Not in the World Cup, not in the UEFA Champions league, but in a men’s over thirty RECREATIONAL game.

What the hell is wrong with us? I’ve seen more fistfights and red cards in men’s over thirty games than ANY Barca/Real Madrid or Milan/Inter match. Why is this? Boys, its time to curb our enthusiasm… I was once like you. I honestly thought that some scout would be at one of these rec games and see that I was the missing piece to his pro team. Then, another scout from the Italian National Team would see THAT game and decide to call me up where I would beat France with a rocket shot from midfield.

Sounds crazy right?

Yes, I know this would NEVER happen. But, some of you clowns just aren’t grasping the big picture. Its time to transition to the next phase of your playing lives. We need to start playing the game for FUN. We are not pros. PERIOD. You cannot walk onto some dusty pitch and expect to line up next to Messi, Ronaldo, and Pirlo. Here’s the news… Bob just started playing 3 months ago because he thinks it’s a fun way to lose that gut. Mary joined the co-ed team because her boy-toy plays and she’s trying to prove she can keep up while strengthening their relationship. Bob and Mary in all likelihood will suck on game day. But this is ok; because they grasp a concept you do not. Playing soccer is FUN. Watching soccer is FUN. Playing soccer with a scorching douchebag is NOT fun. So if you have (legit) skill, relax on Bob and Mary. They are the future of the game. People like you can help them become better players, or chase them from the game. Pass them the ball… They will whiff and pass to the other team, but eventually, they’ll get it.

Remember kids… You play in the rec leagues for a reason. YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO BE PRO. So therefore, you shouldn’t act like something you’re not. Be nice on the field. Most of you have kids and would lose it if your kid pulled half the crap you do.


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